Dandelion Meadow

Dandelion Meadow


If you would like to volunteer or chair and event please let us know by leaving your email address, phone number, or both below!


aps volunteer background check

In order to volunteer at Marie Hughes Elementary you must have a background check! The price is $12 and the background check is good for 2 years!

What we do to bring in the moola!


Where we spend our Dough

Curriculum Night – Teachers provide information to families about their classroom. PTO sponsors pizzas and waters for the families in attendance.

Book Fair – Twice a year, books are sold to raise $ for library and school

Cookie Dough Fundraiser – Children sell frozen cookie dough products/pies to raise $ for school

T-shirts – PTO designs and sells school t-shirts throughout the year

Agenda Check Rewards – Monthly surprise checks to see if agendas are signed by parents – classes win popcorn from PTO for highest % of signed agendas

Giving Snowman – Families and PTO donate gifts for MHES families in need for the holidays

Holiday Shoppe – PTO hosts an inexpensive shop where students can purchase small items for their families

Family Movie Nights – PTO sponsors movie nights to bring families together for fun evenings with popcorn and water provided. Families bring their own dinner

Movie Licensing- provides students with different movies to watch in class as well as on movie nights. Including out not limited to Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, and many other production studio films. 

Science Night – Science Fair/Projects and science activities for students and families.  Projects judged and prizes given

Jog-A-thon - Children collect pledges and run laps to raise $ for the school

Student Recognition – PTO sponsors parties, prizes, awards for students throughout the year

Staff Appreciation – PTO sponsors meals/or treats on a monthly basis for the staff

Candy Grams – PTO sells flowers and candy for Valentine’s Day and delivers them to students. Students/family members can purchase them for one another

Husky Fun Days – PTO organizes 2 fun days a year where students get to let loose and have fun by wearing pajamas to school, clothes on backwards, different shoes, crazy hair/hats and bring a stuffed animal to school

Social Committee – Provides items for various family events throughout the school year

Husky Voice – PTO compiles the monthly school newsletter which is sent home each month and available on the website

Box Tops – Collection of box tops twice a year and submission for $ for school, top class wins party

PARCC Snacks – PTO provides daily snacks for 3rd-5th grades during testing. 

Husky Howl Carnival – Held in April.  Our school carnival offers food, games, prizes and raffles

Facebook – PTO maintains FB page and provides information to those that have signed up

Smith’s Earn & Learn – Encourages families to sign up with Smith’s who will give $ to school

Spirit Days – PTO gives a small treat to students on the 1st Friday of every month if they wear a school

t-shirt or school bracelet.

Please check out the budget tab at the top of our homepage!

If you know of any contacts that could provide donations of goods, services or other resources to be used at any of our events (raffles, fundraising, support, etc.) please forward their information to pres.mheslink@gmail.com or contact any of The Link board members.

Click the contact tab at the top of the page or the contact button on the bottom of the page for a list of emails.  

Together, we can make this a great year for every child!! 

Thank You, The Link!


mission statement

When schools, community and families come together, we become a great force for positive change, growth and influence in the life of a child.  The Link serves as the connection between the school, the community and your family!  We are committed to enriching the education of the students at Marie Hughes Elementary.